Weight management self referral LIVE WELL

Weight Management  LIVEWELL Derby City Council Project

As a reminder, our Weight Management 12-month programme is group-based, supporting participants to make positive lifestyle changes around diet and exercise for sustainable, long term success.

The link to the webpage with online join form is here: Lose Weight | Livewell livewellderby.co.uk


Eligibility criteria
• BMI of >30 (>27 for people of South Asian ethnicity groups)
• Registered to a Derby city GP practice and/or pays Council tax to Derby City Council
• Not previously accepted a place on the programme (Livewell is only funded to
support a patient once, even if they are discharged/leave before 12 months)
Suitable patients
• Patients who live in Derby city and can access our group sessions. Our new starter
sessions and classes are delivered in groups, we do not offer one to one
appointments to get started.
• Patients who show a willingness to making lifestyle changes, this includes following
dietary advice based around the NHS Eatwell Guide and increasing their
exercise/activity levels.
• *Ideally patients need to have a functional comprehension of the English language,
or a friend/family member who can attend with them to support, as groups involve
discussion elements as well as reading/writing to complete paperwork and receive
advice from their advisor through email/text messages.
*Provision for non-English speaking groups in ethnically diverse communities such as
Normanton and Peartree is being made. We welcome any feedback and the
opportunity to discuss patients who require additional support to join and access
Livewell, so we can better understand how we can give the support they need.
Unsuitable patients
• Patients who live outside the city (but registered to Derby GP practice) who struggle
to attend our group sessions, which are all based (at various locations) in the city.
• Housebound patients.
• BMI 50> with complex medical conditions – the Tier 3 Weight Management service
delivered by DCHS may be more suitable for these patients.
• Patients not ready to make lifestyle changes.
• Patients who only want a free gym membership – our access to free exercise
opportunities in Council leisure facilities is discretionary and only offered to clients
who demonstrate a commitment to the 12-month programme and losing weight.