StopOctober Livewell

The 28-day stop smoking challenge takes place during October and is based on research that shows if you can stop smoking for 28-days, you are five times more likely to stay smoke-free for good. And people who get expert support from local stop smoking services like Livewell are up three times as likely to succeed.

Over 6 million adults in England still smoke, and it remains the leading cause of premature death, with almost 75,000 preventable deaths a year. A new nationwide survey of 2,000 current smokers released today has found that nearly half (45%) have been smoking more since the first lockdown began.

If you are a smoker, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health, allowing you to start moving better, breathe more easily and save money. Join the thousands of others and start your quitting journey this October.The official Stoptober challenge begins on Friday 1 October; people can choose to start their quit up until the end of October as part of the campaign. However, smokers registered to a Derby GP practice can quit at any time with Livewell’s 12 months of free support and stop smoking treatments. To sign up and book a phone appointment, go to theĀ Livewell website.