Medicine order line MOL available for 26th July

Our Practice will have access to the medicaine order line MOL, it is a convenient way to order your prescriptions. This is via a dedicated telephone line where you will speak to an experienced health professional. Best days to phone are Wed. Thurs. and Friday when it’s less busier. For MOL please phone 0115 855 0260. You can also ask a family member to order the repeat script if you have language problems.

If lines are busy, you can also leave a message or email and they will call you back. You will be able to order your medication 7 days in advance so that the GP has enough time to process it after receiving the request from the MOL Team.

Pharmacies will also be directing you to order your prescription via the MOL service. It is better that you order what you need and don’t stock plie medicine.

for furher information visit website